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IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset Gloss Pink 500000 Flashes✨? ❤️

ReallyGreat product, easy to use, have only done twice so can't really see the results yet but loving the convenience of it and all the money I'm saving.

Love this

Would recommend this to my friends

Derma Planning Set
Amber Appleton

I really love these little facial razors. My skin is so much softer after use and I love seeing all the hair (peach 🍑 fuzz) come off and dead skin. They are really easy to use and honestly best quality razors I have used! Thanks Glow SkinCo xx 😘

IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset Gloss Pink 500000 Flashes✨

Value for money

This product is great value for money. It does the job and so easy and user friendly. Highly recommended.

Laser hair remover

Only used it a couple of times. But its great and easy to use. Thanks heaps Jenny Mclellan

Fabulous Product!

I am so happy I decided to purchase this handset which is a fraction of the cost of other devices on the market. The beauty of IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset Gloss Pink 500000 Flashes✨ ❤️ is that it is safe, easy to use, and does not sting and burn like salon treatments do. I am already starting to see results and I have been using this once a week for 2 weeks now.

Great product! Pleasantly surprised!

Not going to lie I was a little sceptical. But I’ve used this device 5 times now. And I can already notice the Hair on my legs and armpits significantly reduced. It is taking a little longer where the hair is coarser but definite slower growth in that region also.

IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset Gloss Pink 500000 Flashes✨

Voluminsed Hair

Loved the dryer, gives my hair such volume

Beautiful , love thei hair drying brush for styling!

This product is showing results!

Used it now three times, I can see the difference!

Great Results

Really happy with the fit and quality. With this waist trainer I have 100% seen reduction in my waist in the month of wearing it. Thank you Glow SkinCo xx 😘

I get super fast the package I asked yesterday and I get there today

so far so good

i have noticed a decrease in hair in the areas to have been using the laser system - looking forward to even less hair the more use the laser gets :P

7 Lights LED Light Therapy Mask Gen 2
Amber Appleton
So Happy with Results!!

So happy I decided to upgrade to the gen2 model! It has 7 lights and also wireless which I love. I have noticed such a difference with my skin. I have hormonal acne from being pregnant and breastfeeding. I’ve used the mask for 3 weeks now twice a week and my acne has cleared up and also it is prevented new breakouts from occurring! This has really help me has my confidence was diminished due to all the acne. I absolutely love it plus all of the amazing skin benefits it has from all the different lights! Definitely worth the spend! Thank you 😊

So Happy

Super fast! It tooks 4 days shipping!!!

Glow SkinCo

Such and easy product to use and I noticed the difference is about 4 weeks. Would highly recommend


So amazing, dries Hair so quick and styles beautifully.

Good product

A very good product, it removes hair for many weeks. Excellent

Portal Mini Body Shaver
May Ann Equetan

Portal Mini Body Shaver

Love it love it best

Love this product, very satisfied