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Waist Trainer Corset Clincher Shaper Slimming Belt

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Benefits Of Waist Training

✔ Shape Your Waist
 Burn Calories
 Lose & Burn Fat around Abdominal
 Drop 2 Dress Sizes
 Lose Inches off Your Waist
 Create Curves & Flattens your Stomach
 Support Back & Correct Posture
✔ Detoxify & Remove Fat Cells
✔ Postpartum Support After Childbirth
✔ Bring separated Abdomen muscles back together
 Wear as body shaper under your clothes to smooth any bumps

Our waist trainer will help you to achieve your body goals and make you feel and look AMAZING. Our waist trainers have been designed with the highest quality to shape, contour and create killer curves to accentuate your figure. Scientifically proved to remove and detoxify stubborn fat cells around the mid section you can lose up to 4 inches in 30 days by waist training with our waist trainer corset.

Celebratries all over the world are using waist trainers to slim down there waistlines achieve there body goals like Kim Kardashian, Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kim Zolciak and Jessica Alba are just a handful of celebrities that are using waist trainers to slim down their waistlines, burn fat and accelerate their body goals.


How does Waist Training work?

When tightened around your midsection, our waist trainer creates compression in your core and stimulates thermal activity which creates perspiration. This causes  your body to release toxins and impurities from your skin and kill and remove fat cells. The band itself is constructed from a latex core with a soft cotton exterior and interior lining.It sits at your waist, extending to the upper abdominals. Three columns of hook-and-eye closures allow you to size the garment down with you. Steel Boning anchors the clincher and promotes great posture.

Join thousands of women around the world by kick-starting your body goals with a waist trainer and see for yourself why waist training is fast becoming a global epidemic.


Size Chart 
✔ Size XS - 56-62CM
✔ Size S - 62-68 CM
✔ Size M - 68-74CM
Size L - 74-80 CM
✔ Size XL - 80-86 CM
Size 2XL - 86-92 CM
✔ Size 3XL - 95-100CM
✔ Size 4XL -100-109CM
✔ Size 5XL -103- 113CM
Please allow 1-3cm difference for manual measurements. Thank you.